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Title: 『奈良坂源一郎 蟲魚圖譜』に描かれた昆虫類
Other Titles: The insects illustrated in Gen’ichiro Narasaka’s “Chûgyo-Zufu”
Authors: 鈴木, 邦雄
川島, 逸郎
Issue Date: 25-Dec-2006
Publisher: 名古屋大学博物館
Citation: 名古屋大学博物館報告. v.22, 2006, p.211-247
Abstract: We had a good chance to investigate the insects treated in the “Chuûgyo-Zufu” illustrated by an anatomist Gen’ichiro NARASAKA (June 15, 1854 - March 19, 1934). Ten butterfly and 21 odonate species were identified with some comments for each figure. We also tried to make an annotated reprint of original handwriting Japanese text. The insect species identified by us are as follows (species name and sex; Plate No. in [ ]): I. LEPIDOPTERA- PAPILIONIDAE: Luehdorfia japonica Leech, 1889, ♀ [Pl. 2BL]; Papilio bianor dehaanii C. et R. Felder, 1864, summer form ♀ [Pl. 3BR]; Papilio machaon hippocrates C. et R. Felder, 1864, spring form ♂ [Pl. 3TL], summer form ♀ [Pls. 3TR, 3TL], and mature larva [Pl. 3TR]; Papilio protenor demetrius Cramer, 1782, summer form (?) ♂ and mature larva [Pl. 3BL]; Papilio xuthus Linnaeus, 1767, summer form ♀, immature and mature larvae, pupa [Pl. 1 TL], and spring form (?) ♂ or dwarf (?) ♂ [Pls. 2TL, 2BR]; PIERIDAE: Colias erate poliographus Motschulsky, 1860, ♀ [Pl. 4TL] and ♂ [Pl. 5BR]; Eurema hecabe mandarina de l’Orza, 1869, summer form ♂ [Pl. 4BR]; Gonepteryx aspasia niphonica Verity, 1909, ♂ [Pl. 4TR]; DANAIDAE: Parantica sita niphonica (Moore, 1883), ♀ [Pl. 5BL]; SATYRIDAE: Mycalesis gotama fulginia Fruhstorfer, 1911, adult, larva, and pupa [Pl. 5TR]; II. ODONATA- COENAGRIONIDAE: Ceriagrion melanurum Selys, 1876, mature ♂ [Pl. 15BR]; Ischnura senegalensis (Rambur, 1842), mature ♂ or mature ♂ -type ♀ [Pl. 15BL]; CALOPTERYGIDAE: Mnais nawai Yamamoto, 1956, semimature ♂ [Pl. 15TR] and f. nawai ♀ [Pl. 15TL]; GOMPHIDAE; Asiagomphus melaenops (Selys, 1854), mature ♀ [Pl. 7BR]; Gomphus postocularis Selys, 1869, mature ♀ [Pl. 8BR]; Nihonogomphus viridis Oguma, 1926, mature ♂ [Pl. 8TR] and mature ♀ [Pl. 8TL]; Sinictinogomphus clavatus (Fabricius, 1775), mature ♀ [Pl. 6TL]; Trigomphus citimus tabei Asahina, 1949 (?), slightly immature ♀ [Pl. 9BR] and immature ♀ [Pl. 9BL]; Trigomphus interruptus (Selys, 1854) or T. ogumai Asahina, 1949, mature ♂ [Pl. 10BL]; AESHNIDAE: Anax nigrofasciatus nigrofasciatus Oguma, 1915, mature ♀ [Pl. 7TL]; Anax parthenope julius Brauer, 1865, mature ♂ [Pl. 7TR]; Polycanthagyna melanictera (Selys, 1883), ♀ [Pl. 1TR]; CORDULIIDAE: Epitheca marginata (Selys, 1883), immature (?) ♀ [Pl. 10BR]; Epophthalmia elegans (Brauer, 1865), mature ♀ [Pl. 6TR], mature ♂ [Pl. 7BL], and last instar larva [Pl. 16BR]; LIBELLURIDAE: Libellula angelina Selys, 1883, mature ♂ [Pl. 13TL]; Lyriothemis pachygastra (Selys, 1878), immature ♀ [Pl. 13BR], semimature ♂ [Pl. 14TR], and mature ♂ [Pl. 14TL]; Nannophya pygmaea Rambur, 1842, mature ♀ [Pl. 14BR] and mature ♂ [Pl. 14BL]; Orthetrum albistylum speciosum (Uhler, 1858), slightly immature ♀ [Pl. 9TR] and mature ♂ [Pl. 9TL]; Orthetrum japonicum japonicum (Uhler, 1858) (?), mature (?) ♀ [Pl. 13BL]; Pseudothemis zonata Burmeister, 1839, immature ♂ [Pl. 12TR], mature ♂ [Pl. 12TL], and mature (?) ♀ [Pl. 13TR]; Rhyothemis fuliginosa Selys, 1883, ♀ [Pl. 11TR] and ♂ [Pl. 11TL]; III. NEUROPTERA- MYRMELEONTIDAE: Hagenomyia sp., adult, larva, and cocoon patched with sands [Pl. 16TR]; IV. MECOPTERA- PANORPIDAE: Panorpa japonica Thunberg, 1784, ♀ [Pl. 16TL] (T or B and R or L indicate the top (T) or bottom (B) and the right (R) or left (L) of a given plate). In order to give a fundamental material for future appraisal concerning the present-day significance of “Chûgyo-Zufu” we tried to compare it with the following two famous books of insect illustrations in the latter Edo to the early Meiji periods: “Sen-Chû-Fu” by Tanshû KURIMOTO (1756 - 1834) and “Chôju-Chûgyo-Fu (Ryôu-Hakubutsu-Zufu)” by Taneyasu MATSUMORI (1825 - 1892), from the viewpoint of entomologists.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2237/9328
selfDOI: 10.18999/bulnum.022.09
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